I9group is an innovative company that provides solutions and smart platforms designed to the Education Sector. It is present in large teaching networks of southeastern and northeastern Brazil, such as PUC-RJ CAP, Anglo-Americano, Rede Franciscana de Ensino and e Rede Lourdinas.

We believe that for us to tread a successful professional trajectory it is no longer enough to be users! You need to know how to create technologies and, in addition to the English language, master programming languages! It is also necessary to exceed the functionality of the Office suite, so that we are able to express our ideas and projects in an increasingly concrete way. Among others, with the advancement and cheaper technology, it will be essential for professionals to have the ability to get their hands dirty, endowed with the Maker Culture, to create models and technological-interactive prototypes that involve animations, electronics, APP programming, 3D printing, telecommunications and much more.

And more! The classroom cannot be restricted to the school environment! Like the curriculum, the learning environment must be aligned with international trends, in addition to being modern and friendly to the reality of 21st century students, digital natives.



Present in the curriculum of renowned educational institutions, the Discipline Technological and Entrepreneurial Intelligence innovates by Develop and Direct the Technological and Entrepreneurial Intelligences of Students and Educators in a global, humanized way and taking into account the pedagogical guidelines, partnerships and specificities of each educational institution , as well as international requirements and trends. All of this is geared towards Education, Society, the Planet and the Personal, Academic and Professional development of students, making it a culture to get hands-on to Learn, Express, Innovate, combine Theory with Practice and Connect People.

All this, through the various existing technological resources and entrepreneurial actions that take into account socio-emotional, ethical, social and sustainable aspects.

The discipline allows you to implement the Maker-STEAM Culture in the academic environment of basic education, making it a habit for students and educators to get their hands dirty to create prototypes, experiments, models and other multidisciplinary technological-interactive projects, awakening and developing their inherent skills and abilities. to its Academic, Maker and Inventor potential. Such projects can integrate, from an educational perspective, programming, electronics, mechanics, telecommunication, among other technological resources. To put all this into practice, through the implementation of the discipline, i9Group teaches students and educators to develop 2D and 3D Websites, Animations and Games, Electronic Circuits, Projects involving Automation and Educational Robotics, as well as those aimed at Competitions, using Arduino®️, LEGO®️ and Raspberry®️ Platforms, Smartphone and Tablet Applications, 3D Design and Printing, Telecommunications Devices, Educational Internet of Things and much more!

The implementation of the subject may cover the nine services below:

Anyone Can Code

We teach to create robots, automations, games, apps and much more, in a practical and friendly manner!

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Full Education

We educate full stack developers, capable of dealing with design, coding, prototyping and much more!

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We build immersive and efficient Maker-STEAM spaces so students can get their hands on.

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Anyone Can Tube

We build EduTube spaces where students can learn how to be YouTubers and develop speaking skills.

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We develop social & emotional and entrepreneurial features with the i9Project Way methodology!

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In-school Training

All teachers can be trained in the school and disseminate the STEAM culture!

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Students work in teams for the i9Challenge’s Maker Battles held in the school!

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We hold promotion events in the school to exhibit projects and to retain and attract students!

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Blended Learning

We use the i9learn social media to include Blended Learning in the Technological Intelligence subject!

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Far beyond EAD and ERP platforms, the i9Learn Smart Education Hub offers an innovative, inclusive, integrated and integrated school management and learning environment in line with international trends and the reality of educational institutions, their students, educators and managers.

In addition to modern administrative and financial management tools, i9Learn offers students exclusive social media focused on education, as well as the opportunity to carry out their academic activities in a dynamic, practical and playful way, including through quizzes in the form of games in the RPG.

The generated data is transformed into reports, dashboards and statistical graphs, which describe the individual and collective performance of students, allowing students, guardians and educators to act preventively and proactively, before the assessments actually take place!

They also have access to educational content on the profile of their teachers in the form of a blog. Similarly, knowledge can be shared among classmates thanks to each student’s unique virtual notebook, where they create private or public posts. i9learn uniquely facilitates the implementation of Blended Learning, Active Methodologies, Smart Learning Tools, Educational SCADA, Business Intelligence, Workflow, Interactive Virtual Office, E2E School Management and much more! Anyway, these are just a few examples of the innovative features of i9Learn that, in addition to connecting students, guardians, educators and education managers, empowers them in a revolutionary way.

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The implementation of i9learn social media may cover the nine services below:

Quizzes Anywhere

We offer the students the opportunity to perform activities through quizzes, from anywhere and using different technologies!

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Social Media and EduBlogs

Exclusive social media and blog for the use of teachers and students, where they connect and access educational content in multiple formats!

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Shared knowledge

Featured as a time line, each student’s unique Virtual Notebook allows them to post class notes in multimedia format.

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It uses games, such as quizzes in RPG format, to challenge and engage students in academic activities performed on the platform.

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It allows organizing many types of contests with the purpose of encouraging the constant search for knowledge and continuous improvement.

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Edutube Space

The EduTube space allows Blended Learning to become a reality in schools, combining face-to-face and on line education and empowering teachers.

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Business Intelligence

Data generated by the quizzes is transformed into graphs and reports that demonstrate students’ individual and collective performance.

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The platform is highly customizable, allowing schools to insert banners, vignettes and display ads to students.

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Academic Excellence

It gives education institutions the opportunity to create their own database, which can be sold to other institutions.

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We are present in major teaching networks throughout southeastern and northeastern Brazil.