Other than participating actively in enrollment campaigns, through lectures, trial lessons, exhibitions and even through personalized projects, we promote regular Maker Battles, assist in the implementation of Makers camps and regular interviews with students to disclose results, as well as in the development of tech projects and interactive models, exhibited at fairs or other events.
Makers Spaces, besides being an important competitive edge, are great spaces to be visited by potential customers and may be used to hold many kinds of events. This is all crucial to retain and attract new customers. But the benefits go beyond that!
Events can bring families together by allowing the interaction of students and their parents in the development of projects within the entrepreneurial, maker and gaming scopes, among others.
Besides, including Technological & Entrepreneurial Intelligence as a subject in the school program makes the institution stand out from the competition, including with regard to improving the students’ academic performance and will to learn, as they have the opportunity to apply what they are taught. In a nutshell, you can count on us for this process!